Here are some comments from musicians who have tried out various incarnations of the 'Sonome' over its years of development...

The natural shape of music?

A brilliant idea which may just sweep the world!

A potentially serious rival to the conventional keyboard.

Brian May

Songwriter, guitarist, Queen

I think it is an exciting and innovative instrument that those who have never played a conventional keyboard will find very easy to play.

As a songwriter I am always looking for new ways of approaching music and the Notepool can help in this – because it is so different from conventional keyboards I can surprise myself.

It is an ideal instrument for regular musicians as well as for children, who have no pre-conceived ideas, as well as handicapped people who have limited use of movement.

I would certainly buy one.

Graham Gouldman

Bassist, guitarist & songwriter, 10CC

The ultimate compositional tool ... cool (... no, cool is not a strong enough word).

Warren Cuccurullo

Songwriter, Guitarist, Duran Duran

It enables people to program and compose with no technical knowledge and is much easier to play than any other instrument on the market to date.

... no doubt that this is a quantum leap in music history. As a teacher, I see no end of educational possibilities for children of any age at school and at home for experimentation with child prodigies, as no music reading is required.

John Mizarolli

Musician & guitar teacher, pupils include guitarists with Mick Jagger, George Michael, Iron Maiden,
Billy Ocean, Gary Moore Band, Sinead O'Connor, Cher, etc.

The best new MIDI controller I have seen

Guy Fletcher

Keyboard player & sound effects, Dire Straits

This is a unique and elegant alternative to the old 'linear' keyboard, giving the advantage of a transparently geometric overview of chords, scales, and harmonic progression. Plus it's easy and fun to use.

Colin Angus

Vocals, composition, The Shamen

I was having a normal day until I came in here
– now I've seen the future!

'Dream Guitar Services' Customer, on seeing an 'Opal' Sonome for the first time.

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