Keys and velocity

The keys are weighted and velocity-sensitive. There are 8 velocity settings and 32 weight settings. A pedal (included) adds further real-time control of velocity settings. The velocity switches are activated near the bottom of the key-press, giving a high degree of control and response. The key-return mechanism is positive, while light enough for fast playing without strain to wrists, hands and fingers.

Menu systen

The controls include a menu of 16 tunings including rotations and reversals of the original note pattern (Melodic Table), plus a separate menu of 100 pantonal serial progressions and 42 user-definable tunings. The 3 zones can be altered in enough ways for the possible combinations to number over 1 billion. However, the menu system is very user-friendly; a single data knob just below the LCD scrolls through all the options for each control button.


Opal has the most comprehensive MIDI hub available on any keyboard and is compatible with all DAWs, MIDI Keyboards, synths and sound modules, old & new. There are 4 MIDI sockets; 3 are assignable and the 4th sends all MIDI. Therefore the three keyboard splits can be sent directly to different instruments without the need for a computer or some other interface to do the MIDI channel routing.

Electronics & Software

All Opal's electronics and software is developed in-house, rigorously tested and bug-free for a robust system.

Controls Overview

Opal keyboard controls overview

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