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MIDI puts prodigious musical resources in the hands of musicians. But to what kind of interface do these hands turn to access them? We think we have the answer; a keyboard instrument called a sonome. An isometric keyboard who’s Melodic Table* key layout, makes the most advanced musical instrument also the most accessible. They’ve also been called beautiful…

The Opal range offers two styles of hand built 192 - note MIDI controller instruments:

  1. The Chameleon, built into a hard wood frame and exotic range of veneer tops.
  2. The Gecko, in a striking new layered construction and a choice of lacquer colour finishes.

Both models share the same internal hardware features; hand set key and switch, separate mechanical and electrical mechanism on all 192 keys, giving piano-like feel and ultimate play control. A velocity pedal is included to use as a variable loud and soft pedal for creating an even fuller range of expressive response of play and can also be turned off when not required.

There are 4 MIDI outputs, 3 of which are assignable to any combination of the three 64 note zones (see zones on the Overview page). The 4th MIDI output sends all data. An Opal also offers multiple tuning combinations of the three 64 note zones including user retuning of the octave,100 serial (12 tone) preset layouts and 16 different note layouts.

A quick and easy menu system makes exploring musical consequences of note layouts fast and very effective.

See the Overview page for more details.

* Sometimes referred to as ‘Harmonic Table’

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